What does 4 Bodies 3 Minds mean?

4 Bodies 3 Minds

One day, the words '4 Bodies 3 Minds' dropped into my head.  I couldn't get them out of my head, and eventually I realised that it summed up my life's work, my career; from physiotherapy to holistic therapist.  The journey from a western medicine approach to physical health, all the way to eastern medicine which includes the concept of energy flow, emotional balance, easy gentle thoughts and the sense of belonging to each other, to the community and to Earth. That was a really long journey, it took a long time.

So, what are our 4 Bodies?

We all know we have a PHYSICAL body, it is obvious.  Our bodies are amazing.  I LOVE THE HUMAN BODY!  I LOVE reading about the human body, how it works, why it doesn't.  Studying physiotherapy was such a joy, the human body is so intriguing and the human's perception of 'wellness' and 'illness' is vast.  Being able to help individual's reclaim their physical health is so fulfilling. I could go on and on, BUT stop me right there!

Okay, so where are the other 3 bodies?

My study of eastern medicine, and medicine from ancient cultures, all suggest the same thing. Both around, and flowing into, the physical body is an aura of energy vibrating at different rates. This energy can't be seen with the eyes but it can be felt in the body.  Our emotions vibrate at a range of frequencies creating a distinct band of energy around the body, this is our EMOTIONAL body.  Emotions are energy, emotions vibrate and flow, when a particular emotion vibrates and flows strongly enough our body will 'feel' a certain way. Another band of vibrating frequencies, the MENTAL body,  contains thoughts, ideas, beliefs.  Our thoughts are just energy moving.  Our thoughts mix with emotions, and our physical body 'feels' a certain way about everything we think about in our lives! Thoughts and emotions are busy, we are constantly informed by them. Finally, vibrating at the fastest rate is our SPIRITUAL body, it creates our sense of truth, what we believe life is all about, why we are here etc etc.

When we live a life dominated by heavy emotions like frustration, or depression, which goes alongside unwanted repetitive thoughts and limiting beliefs, etc we can feel unhappy, we can feel stuck. The heavy vibration of frustration attracts heavy vibrating thoughts, like 'Get out of my way' or 'I just can't do it right'.  Our 4 Bodies give a constant reminder of where we are out of balance. From an eastern medicine perspective, life is the constant balancing of our 4 Bodies, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  They all matter.

To live a life of balance, requires a dedication to yourself. To putting yourself first. To putting your needs first. No one else is required to put you first, only YOU! Painful memories, painful events, trauma, unrelenting grief, it sits in the aura and reminds you of its presence from time to time. It doesn't disappear like magic because you ignore it.  No!  It calls out to you, asking you to go back to that painful moment, just once more, to have another look and reflect, to see what that experience taught you. When you can sit with it like this, like magic, it will begin to disappear and lose its grip on your future.

You have the power to take action and change the balance in your 4 Bodies.  I have learned how to bring back balance into your 4 Bodies. I have learned that this pain can be eased, and with persistence, with dedication, it can be brought back into balance.  Achieving that balance is a journey, some journeys are quick, others require a little time.

4 Bodies, the perfect balance of western medicine with eastern medicine.

I'm guessing you might need a cup of tea after getting your head around the 4 Bodies....  I will save 3 Minds until next time!



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