Betrayal and the 4 Bodies

'4 Bodies' that concept can really challenge us.  So I thought it might be helpful to give an example of the workings of the 4 Bodies using a 'charged' moment from my own life.


Betrayal hurts. It hurts your heart. It hurt mine.

Have you been betrayed? Where your whole world explodes into meaninglessness as you suddenly comprehend your life is a living LIE. That life-changing moment when, with a twist of fate, your life just falls apart and you stand in the rubble and ruins of what was. As that sham life, that ‘perfect’ facade, cracks and shatters, and the painful truth is revealed. Your brain rejects the new truth. Your body wants to numb it.

When I stood face-to-face with betrayal, bathed in the exquisite pain of a breaking heart, I became fuelled with anger, blame and indignation. I desperately turned my vengeful finger towards the person who 'did this to me' asking 'how could you?'  But that vengeful finger already knew truth, and it stopped and pointed at me. It takes two to Tango. I had allowed others to use me, to control me, manipulate me. I had weak boundaries and I lied to myself. I put up and shut up. If my behaviour with myself lacked authenticity, why would my relationship with another be any different?

With that realisation, my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pain became overwhelming, I didn’t know how to switch it off.


For some of us, it is only in a very emotionally charged atmosphere that we can really 'feel' ourselves.  Feel the truth of who we are.  Observe ourselves, our  beliefs and behaviour from afar. The emotional charge allows us to be very present.

In that moment of my life, my PHYSICAL body  'hurt' everywhere, as it was bombarded with an array of  emotional energy vibrations: shock, overwhelm, disbelief, heart-break, anger, blame, etc.  transmitted from the EMOTIONAL body.  My MENTAL body was stuck in a loop of old beliefs and thought forms, I couldn't believe what had happened, I had no mental patterns available to help direct my behavioural response to this situation and guide me on what to do next.  My SPIRITUAL body was guiding me to truth, even though I did not want to see it, know it or believe it.

It takes courage to face truth.

In that moment of my life, I stood face-to-face with the realisation that my life was completely out of balance. That was in 2016.

The journey to living a balanced, authentic life begins with a single courageous step. Being courageous does not mean that you walk a path that is perfectly flat, paved and straight, headed to exactly where you want to be, complete with a map and compass to guide you. For some of us, courageous means you feel totally alone, unable to share your experience with anyone, your knees are shaking, you have no idea where you are going, or even what it is you are looking for, but you do have a SPIRITUAL, EMOTIONAL, MENTAL and PHYSICAL  body that is going to clearly show you when you are walking in the wrong direction - the 4 Bodies are your compass. There is no map. Just the courage to place one shaky foot down on the ground and then the next.


Now we are ready for the 3 Minds! Until next time....






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