3 Minds

Three Minds: your internal guidance system

If you have taken part in Tai Chi, Martial Arts, Qigong, Yoga, meditation or breathing techniques, you might have heard about the 3 Dantian centres.  Ancient eastern traditions tell us that it is possible to build energy in the lower Dantian centre, located at our navel. The energy travels up to the second Dantian centre located in the chest, and finally up to the third Dantian, located in our head. This energy source fuels the physical body, the organs, the gut, the heart, lungs, brain and our entire body.  It is a resource that keeps us healthy.

In the Western world, the 3 Dantian centres equates to the 3 Mind centres. Let me explain.....


The Lower Dantian or the Gut Mind

Have you ever had that experience when your gut instinct told you loudly NOT to do something and you ignored it and did it anyway?  My gut instinct often sets off a continuous alarm when I am about to step onto a wobbly ladder to trim the hedge.   That instinct, or feeling, comes from the intelligence of your Gut Mind. Notice how that feeling information comes through IN THE MOMENT and your gut immediately informs us with a 'NO, STOP!' or 'YES, GO AHEAD!'


The Middle Dantian or the Heart Mind

You might have heard of the HeartMath Institute. Multiple studies at the HeartMath Institute have shown that the human heart is both pumping our blood AND a source of intelligence.  So, let's say you get an idea to do something, and in that moment your heart says ‘YES’. Well, the ‘yes’ is a feeling and feels like joy or excitement. Your Heart Mind is always guiding you towards those things that will make you happy!

So if your gut instinct says  'YES' to something and your heart feels like ‘I would love to do that, yipee’ - you are heading in the right direction.


The Upper Dantian or the Brain Mind

Now, if you suddenly get an idea and your Gut Mind and Heart Mind both said ‘YES!’, almost immediately the Brain Mind will get to work, IN THE MOMENT, to plan the logical sequence of creative steps you need to take to bring that idea into fruition.  You will have clear thinking, focus and imagination. You are efficient, effective and productive.  We are often like this when we engage in our hobbies, when we play, go on holiday, or are out having fun with our friends. 


This is our internal guidance system, the intelligence of our 3 Minds helping us to navigate through life. We just need to get quiet, tune in, and listen.


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