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Holistic Therapies with Justine Foster

Justine Foster has diligently mastered her knowledge of the physical and energy bodies for over 20 years, building on the foundation of her western medical training as a physiotherapist, with her eastern medicine training in acupuncture. With further study, this knowledge is integrated, consolidated and skilfully applied through offering her clients the holistic modalities of:

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy


Biofield Tuning

My Journey...

Justine has spent her whole career holding a strong, grounded, peaceful space for her patients and clients to achieve their highest potentials.

With 20 years experience working as a physiotherapist in a busy hospital, Justine has first-hand, in-depth experience of how ill-health can go hand-in-hand with a spiralling down of thoughts and emotions. For some, prolonged health challenges can make them feel afraid, alone and unheard; ill-equipped to navigate back to health, wellness and a life they choose to live.

It is undeniable that Western medicine makes a valuable contribution to our physical health. However, over many years, Justine witnessed that attempting to engage people on a path to recovery, when they were still suffering unresolved pain, unresolved emotions or detrimental thoughts; was often impractical and ineffective.

In 2006, Justine began to study the Eastern Medicine modality of acupuncture. Justine was immediately inspired by the foundation of this ancient medical philosophy,

'good health is a harmonious flow of energy

through the whole person:

body, mind, emotions and spirit'

The 5000 years of accumulated wisdom of Eastern Medicine recognises 'symptoms' such as physical discomfort and negative thoughts or emotions, as blockages in the energy flow and seeks to balance them at the earliest possible opportunity. Eastern medicine reminds us that 'feelings buried alive never die', they replay in our mind and body, unless we take steps to find our peace.

As Justine's expertise with acupuncture grew, she began to study other holistic modalities based on a similar Eastern Medical philosophy of maintaining a harmonious energy flow within the whole person. Justine diligently sought out only those modalities which were reliable, genuine and offered real solutions:

'Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy,

Reflexology and Biofield Tuning'

Justine rapidly became adept at balancing energy and discovered she had a natural ability to find the source of disharmony, especially in the body. Sometimes physical and emotional pain are held together, or a traumatic experience is frozen in time and buried deep in the body.

During traumatic or challenging life events, we can experience multiple thoughts, heated emotions and overwhelming reactions in a very small space of time. The chaotic, multi-faceted nature of these traumatic life events can only be brought back into balance one layer at a time, requiring several, or many, sessions to achieve resolution. It requires a dedication and trust from the client, that as blockages resolve, one layer at a time, life will improve.  

Through her own journey, Justine has had first hand experience of the importance of placing personal happiness at the very centre of our lives. Justine has dedicated her life to finding truth: and training in healing modalities that are honest, authentic and effective. Justine seeks to help those who feel stuck, and who have tried to find their way in life but feel blocked by repetitive tendencies. 

Justine radiates a calm, loving, non-judgemental energy which reflects her compassion and caring nature. Justine’s heartfelt vision is for peace on Earth with unity, healing and prosperity blessing the Whole.

Get in touch

I am based in Bath. I work from Bath Healthcare Clinic, located in the Bear Flat area of Bath, BA2 2AA and Bath Natural Remedies - The Home of Neals Yard in Bath, BA1 5AR.

I offer a mobile reflexology service within the Bath and surrounding area.

Biofield Tuning and Craniosacral Therapy for people and animals can also be performed remotely via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime: to find out more about this or to enquire about bookings, call me on 07588 658 721.

You can also get in touch with me directly, using my secure and confidential online contact form.

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