Holistic Therapy

Animal health and wellbeing matters.

Pet parents and animal guardians instinctively know when their animal companions are 'not quite right'. We might notice a change in their behaviour, their reactions, an emotional or physical change.

When our animals are showing signs that their lives are becoming out of balance, what can we do to help them? Seeking veterinary advice is an essential first step, but what if your animal needs something else to bring them back to balance?

Animal Holistic Therapy

Holistic therapies do not replace traditional veterinary care.

It is important to consult your veterinarian prior to any holistic therapy.

Animal holistic therapy is gentle, safe and effective. It can help animals with a wide range of problems. It can also provide pet parents with reassurance and peace of mind.

The animal holistic therapies I offer include:

Craniosacral Therapy & Biofield Tuning

Both therapies are performed remotely. The length of time required for your animal's holistic therapy treatment will vary and depend on how long your animal is able to engage, but would not exceed 60 minutes.

I offer a Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or mobile call with the animal guardian both before and after the remote treatment session to share information, and provide feedback on your animal's treatment session; including answers to any specific questions you may have asked about your animal or pet companion.

Your animal may benefit from more than one holistic therapy session and guidance can be provided with respect to this.


Craniosacral Therapy

Animal CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY is gentle, safe and effective. It can help animals with a wide range of problems: physical, emotional, mental, or a change in behaviour or temperament.

All animals are unique. Each animal will respond differently to the challenges of everyday life. Stress, strain or tension will also be experienced by each animal in an individual way. In the early stages, an animal's response to stress or tension may be displayed subtly and be easily missed by the animal guardian.

Physical injuries and acute or chronic conditions may cause our animals to adapt the way they move to minimise pain and ease their mobility. Ill-fitting leashes, collars and equestrian equipment can also be the source of stress, strain or pain.

Animal CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY uses gentle 'light touch' on your animal's body to work with the source of your animal's symptoms and assist your animal back to balance.

Whilst there are no contraindications for animal craniosacral therapy, there are precautions which will be discussed prior to any treatment.

As you might expect, the length of time for a session of Animal CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY, and the overall number of treatments required, will be unique to your animal. Guidance can be given with respect to this.

Animal CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY is deeply relaxing, and during periods of relaxation animals can take the opportunity to heal, restore and energise, to find their way back to balance.

Biofield Tuning

for Animals

Biofield Tuning is vibrational sound therapy. It is a safe, gentle and effective therapy for animals.

Energy flow is essential for life. Energy flows through channels within and around our body in the Biofield. Energy allows us to move, think, feel emotions, access memories and engage with life. Balanced energy flow allows our animals to react to everyday situations in a harmonious way.

The BIOFIELD holds the record of our animals' lives, all their memories, experiences and emotional responses are stored here.

Just like humans, significant life events can move our animals out of balance. When left unresolved, difficult or challenging situations leave a chaotic energy blockage in the BIOFIELD causing our animals to experience strong emotions, or reactions, a change in behaviour or temperament, or physical issues.

As a Biofield Tuning practitioner I use the pure tone of a tuning fork to locate energy blocks in your animal's BIOFIELD. I can provide information on the nature of the event causing the energetic blockage. No matter when the event happened, the record in the Biofield can be accessed and harmonised with the coherent vibration of the tuning fork.

Our animal companions have a lot to share, if we take the time to ask. Our animals can tell us what is affecting them, how their lives could be improved and how their human guardians can help them.

Biofield Tuning assists animals with physical, mental and emotional symptoms; harmonising old events so your animal can step into a more balanced future.

Want to know what is affecting your animal companion?

Try Biofield Tuning.

Spirit of the Herd

Pony Sanctuary

I volunteer as an animal therapist for

Spirit of the Herd Pony Sanctuary.

I provide weekly remote craniosacral therapy for the herd.

Spirit of the Herd is a not-for-profit horse and pony sanctuary with a difference, based near Helsby, Cheshire. Rescued horses and ponies are rehabilitated, and then used to help children, young people and adults living with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, lacking in confidence, or suffering from stress or anxiety. Find out about their work here.


Animal holistic therapy

Up to 60 mins Animal Holistic Therapy ~ £45

I offer a 20% discount for those on a low income.

Animal Craniosacral Therapy and Biofield Tuning can be carried out remotely, with a before and after call with the animal guardian via mobile phone, Zoom, Skype or FaceTime: to find out more about this or to enquire about bookings, call me on 07588 658 721.

You can also get in touch with me directly, using my secure and confidential online contact form.

Maisie & Tank

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Frequently asked questions

How many treatments will my animal need?

Every animal is different and unique. After the first session I will be able to provide guidance on the number of sessions required by your animal.

What are your fees and availability?

Up to 60 mins Animal Holistic Therapy ~ £45

I offer a 20% discount for those on a low income.

I also offer some 'gifted (no charge)' animal treatments for those who are unable to pay.

For my availability you can get in touch with me directly using my secure and confidential online contact form or via my mobile 07588 658 721.

Can you diagnose my animal's health problems?

It is important to consult your veterinarian prior to any holistic therapy. Holistic therapies are not diagnostic and do not replace traditional veterinary care.

What happens in a 'remote' animal holistic therapy session?

Before a remote animal holistic therapy session we will discuss your animal and your reason for seeking the holistic therapy session. This pre-treatment discussion will take place via mobile, Skype, Zoom or FaceTime.

Then, at a mutually agreeable time, I will perform the remote session with your animal.

After the remote session, a follow-up call with the animal guardian will provide information and feedback on the session and provide an opportunity for questions to be asked.

Can I have an 'in-person' animal holistic therapy session for my animal?

If it is your preference to have an 'in-person' session for your animal, please do get in touch with me directly using my secure and confidential online contact form or via my mobile 07588 658 721 to discuss.

How do I care for my animal immediately after the holistic therapy session?

You might notice that your animal is very relaxed, quiet or sleepy after the therapy session. This is completely normal and should pass within a couple of days. If you are able to plan a restful time after the treatment this will help your animal to integrate and balance their energies.

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